About Leslie

“The world around me is anything but predictable, so why should my artwork be any different?”

There really is not a better explanation for my ever-changing application processes, content and subject-matter in my paintings and sculptural wall-constructions. I work to reveal those ever-changing attitudes and climates associated with popular culture.  Somehow, I feel that it is my calling to “see” the world around me, and then try to wring “it” back out onto a canvas or into 3-dimensional sculpture.

With a respect to my classically-trained painting background through a BFA from East Carolina University, I often utilize a variety of non-traditional painting applications when creating my conceptual constructions and abstract paintings.  My intentions are bound by a certain urgency to work fearlessly, as I follow my trusty working mantra, “I dare you, Leslie.” 

For 35 years as a working artist, having lived in NYC and in Berlin, Germany, I have always embraced what life dishes out to my eyes and heart.  It is the act of making the art piece itself is what motivates me every day in my Raleigh studio.


Thank you for your interest and for visiting my website!

Studio located in Raleigh, NC, USA

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