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About Leslie

The world around me is anything but predictable, so how could my artwork be any different? 


As an artist I feel bound to reflect what I see and hear in the world around me.  So sometimes, after a hike in the woods, a nature scene might pop out on the canvas; if I lay witness to some unrest in this world, I cannot help but to absorb it, then ring it back out again into my work.  Life is really just one, beautiful and everchanging adventure, and my hope is to embrace it with a truthful and objective eye..

With a respect to a classically-trained painting background, a BFA from East Carolina University, and a lifetime of visiting museums around the world, I am inspired to utilize a variety of painting application methods.  But my intentions in painting will forever be motivated by an urgency to create a truth...that certain connection between subject matter and the content of the work.


Thank you for your interest and for visiting my website!

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Studio located in Raleigh, NC, USA

Classes, lectures and workshops
are currently postponed until further notice.
Until we meet again at our easels, there are a few
inspirational videos on the
Leslie Pruneau YouTube below.
​And be sure to sign up for the newsletter to
stay in touch about all events in the 
Raleigh + Durham + Triangle area!
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